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Bio-analytical Section 

Clinical Section 


Triumpharma houses a fully GLP-compliant bioanalytical facility with state-of-the-art infrastructure managed by qualified and expert staff with experience in more than 150 different drug development and analysis


Triumpharma clinical site is a state of the art research facility dedicated for clinical research (bioequivalence, Phase I) . Our clients are relying on our site to consistently meet or exceed enrolment goals and capture accurate, high quality data while maintaining superior standards of care in accordance with FDA regulations and ICH/GCP guidelines.


The clinical sites include drug and specimen storage area, equipped for PK sampling and emergency unit. The clinical site possesses ample space to comfortably accommodate subjects during routine and extended visits and offer secure record storage on site.


  • Triumpharma houses its clinical centers on the top fifth & fourth floors of the present building to conduct clinical evaluations (“one stop shop”).
  • Large database of  healthy volunteers, and  patients for numerous therapeutic categories.
  • More than 100 Bed Facility at Triumpharma & capacity of more than 200 bed in Hospital settings with security access.
  • Catering for regular & special diets.





Main Features

  • Sample processing areas equipped to handle lightsensitive drugs
  • Instrument lab with HPLCs (ThermoFinnigan) coupled with fluorescence detectors
  • Instrument lab with LC/MS/MS machines (Sciex API 3000 and Sciex API 4000)
  • Centrifuges, sample condenser, ph meters, sample shaker and other facilities are available.
  • Sample storage (with  20°C and -80°C deep freezers)
  • Ellix 35clinical water purification system
  • Safety system for the laboratory instruments with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and generator backup. In addition all records and documents and back up are archived in a secure place.


Bio-analytical Infrastructure