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About Us:

Triumpharma Inc. is a pioneer in developing systems and solutions for advanced drug delivery.

Triumpharma Inc. develops technologies that enhance the performance of many of today's commonly available pharmaceutical products and new chemical entities that give raise to challenging bioavailability problems.

We have strong technical capabilities to take products from feasibility to pilot scale. Triumpharma conducts formulation optimization studies, pre-clinical trials on animals, human clinical studies including bioavailability/ bioequivalence trial complying with the international guidelines.

The company's core advantages are its extremely low-cost base, experienced staff with multinational experience, holding PhDs from western universities, high-quality research, a large pool of patient's and volunteers, and fast formulation development meeting the necessary regulatory requirements.











Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghazawi

Triumpharma Founder and CEO


Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghazawi has over 23 years  of  experience in

the  pharmaceutical   sector.  He  has  worked  with Merck

and  Glaxo Smith Kline for over  seven years as a pharmaceutical

scientist,  later became the technical  and  development manager

responsible for directing, designing, and development of new and

existing   Merck   drug   delivery systems  ( DDS ).

Prior to joining SmithKline  he  was  a  senior  pharmaceutical   scientist  at NortonHealthcare for nearly 4 years and have been involved in designing and developing of a novel dry powder inhaler  and  breath operatedinhaler that won Prince Charles's Award for Innovation in UK,1996.


Dr. Al-Ghazawi is a member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientist (AAPS); USA, the Controlled Release Society Inc.; USA, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain – Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and The Aerosol Society; UK. Dr Al-Ghazawi was a visiting lecturer teaching 2/3-year pharmaceutical chemistry students for 1998-1999 courses at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.

Dr. Al-Ghazawi is an inventor/co-inventor of many patents in drug delivery systems. One of his patents covers Paroxetine salt, an antidepressant drug. Paxil® (Paroxetine HCl) sells at $2.2 billion in the USA annually. Dr Al-Ghazawi received his PhD from the School of Pharmacy, University of London,-UK, B.Pharm., from Jordan University of Science and Technology- Jordan and his high school Diploma from the USA.


Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghazawi was Mentioned in many International Magazines like George Washington, WIPO and Venture. you can review the articles by clicking on the below Images :