Triumpharma Inc. is a pioneer in developing systems and solutions for advanced drug delivery. We strive to bridge the gap between life science and modern healthcare.

Triumpharma Inc. develops technologies that enhance the performance of many of today's commonly available pharmaceutical products and new chemical entities that give raise to challenging bioavailability problems.

Triumpharma has strong technical capabilities to take products from feasibility to pilot scale. Triumpharma conducts formulation optimization studies, pre-clinical trials on animals, human clinical studies including bioavailability/ bioequivalence trial complying with the international guidelines. The company's core advantages are its extremely low-cost base, experienced staff with multi national experience, holding PhDs from western universities, high-quality research, a large pool of patient’s and volunteers, and fast formulation development meeting the necessary regulatory requirements.

How do I participate?                                                                  كيـــــف أشارك؟                      

  1. Visit in and follow the instructions to select a study and submit the information request form. A Triumpharma Health clinical representative will contact you to answer questions and schedule an appointment for a medical exam. Once this is complete, you may be eligible to participate in clinical trials if you meet the criteria for specific studies.

قم بزيارة الموقع  واتبع التعليمات لاختيار الدراسة وتقديم نموذج طلب المعلومات. سوف يتصل بك ممثل العيادة للرد على الأسئلة وتحديد موعد لإجراء فحص طبي. بمجرد اكتمال ذلك ، قد تكون مؤهلاً للمشاركة في التجارب السريرية إذا كنت تستوفي المعايير الخاصة بدراسات محددة.

What is Informed consent form?          ما هو نموذج الموافقة المستنيرة على المعلومات؟

  1. The first step in the process is for potential participants to agree to participate in a clinical trial. All participants must sign a consent form before they can take part in a trial. This document describes precisely what the study is about, the expected outcomes, and the possible risks of participation. Any questions that participants may have can be discussed fully with our medical staff during that process. Also, if at any time a participant feels uncomfortable or no longer wish to participate in the study, he/she will be permitted to withdraw from the trial as long as the staff is notified prior to departure. This will not result in any penalty for participating in future studies.

الخطوة الأولى في العملية هي أن يوافق المشاركون المحتملون على المشاركة في تجربة سريرية. يجب على جميع المشاركين التوقيع على استمارة موافقة قبل أن يتمكنوا من المشاركة في الدراسة. تشرح هذه الوثيقة بدقة متناهية وكذلك النتائج المتوقعة والمخاطر المحتملة للمشاركة. يمكن مناقشة أي أسئلة قد تكون لدى المشاركين بشكل كامل مع الطاقم الطبي خلال هذه العملية. أيضًا ، إذا شعر المشارك في أي وقت بعدم الارتياح أو لم يعد يرغب في المشاركة في الدراسة ، فسيُسمح له بالانسحاب من التجربة طالما يتم إبلاغ الموظفين قبل المغادرة. هذا لن يؤدي إلى أي عقوبة للمشاركة في الدراسات المستقبلية.

How Safety is maintained?                                          كيف يتم الحفاظ على السلامة؟

  1. Ensuring the participant’s safety is our number one priority. The teams who administer the trials are composed of highly experienced physicians, registered nurses and qualified technicians, and the procedures they follow are rigorous. The drugs under consideration have already undergone extensive testing in the laboratory and in completely new drugs, in animals. The integrity of the data we will be gathering requires meticulous attention to detail, and rest assured we will provide it.

إن ضمان سلامة المشارك هو أولويتنا الأولى. تتكون الفرق التي تدير التجارب من أطباء ذوي خبرة عالية ، وممرضين وفنيين مؤهلين ، والإجراءات التي يتبعونها صارمة. العقاقير قيد الدراسة خاضعة بالفعل لاختبارات مكثفة في المختبر وفي العقاقير الجديدة تمامًا ، في الحيوانات. تتطلب سلامة البيانات التي سنقوم بجمعها اهتمامًا دقيقًا بالتفاصيل ، ونطمئن إلى أننا سنوفرها.

How confidentiality is maintained?                             كيف يتم الحفاظ على السرية؟

  1. All records concerning the subjects (case report form, informed consent form and any other documents) will be treated confidentially. No one can have access to these records except for the investigators, sponsor, IRB, insurance company, Jordan Food and Drug Administration or any other regulatory authorities (on request). You will be given a number and an initial to be dealt with throughout the study instead of using your name.

جميع السجلات المتعلقة بالمواضيع (نموذج تقرير الحالة ، استمارة الموافقة المسبقة وأية وثائق أخرى) سيتم التعامل معها بسرية. لا يمكن لأحد الوصول إلى هذه السجلات باستثناء المحققين أو الراعي  أو شركة التأمين أو إدارة الغذاء والدواء الأردنية أو أي سلطات تنظيمية أخرى (حسب الطلب). سيتم إعطاؤك رقمًا وأحــــرف أولية يتم التعامل معها طوال فترة الدراسة بدلاً من استخدام اسمك

Can volunteers from remote areas participate?هل باستطاعة المتطوعين من مناطق نائية المشاركة؟

  1. Yes, volunteers from around the world are welcome to participate.

.نعم ، نرحب بالمتطوعين من جميع أنحاء العالم للمشاركة.

Can I participate in several studies?

  1. Yes, subjects may participate in several studies, but not at the same time. There is a waiting period (usually 80 days) to adhere to between studies to make sure that the drug taken is no longer in your body. This is important to the safety of study participants and assures the integrity of the data obtained during the clinical studies.

Can I leave the premises during a study?

  1. No, it is very important to control the environment for this kind of research, so if the protocol requires, it will be necessary for you to remain at our facility the entire length of the study, although this is rarely more than 48 hours. You’ll be advised of the requirement before you give your consent to participate. This said, participants can withdraw from the study at any time and would then be allowed to leave the premises. In this case, a physician will evaluate the risks of leaving at the time. For safety reasons, we recommend that participants follow the physician’s advice.

What should I bring to stay in the clinic?

  1. Bring all personal care items, like soap, towel, shampoo, clean clothing, books, magazines, laptops, etc. However, depending upon the study, certain personal care items may be set aside to prevent interactions with the drug under study. Bedding is provided but you may bring extra bedding if you wish. Showers are also available for your use.

What type of Meals will be provided?

  1. We will provide all meals during the stay at our facilities. Meals retraction will be added to the subject informed consent form.


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