Triumpharma Inc. is a pioneer in developing systems and solutions for advanced drug delivery. We strive to bridge the gap between life science and modern healthcare.

Triumpharma Inc. develops technologies that enhance the performance of many of today's commonly available pharmaceutical products and new chemical entities that give raise to challenging bioavailability problems.

Triumpharma has strong technical capabilities to take products from feasibility to pilot scale. Triumpharma conducts formulation optimization studies, pre-clinical trials on animals, human clinical studies including bioavailability/ bioequivalence trial complying with the international guidelines. The company's core advantages are its extremely low-cost base, experienced staff with multi national experience, holding PhDs from western universities, high-quality research, a large pool of patient’s and volunteers, and fast formulation development meeting the necessary regulatory requirements.

Triumpharma has an independent functional quality assurance department dedicated for rigorous inspection of all aspects of GCP, GLP and cGMP compliance.

The QA set ups the quality system of Triumpharma and assists in the continuous development, implementation and maintenance of the quality system to assure the availability of an up-to-date regulated environment. QA is involved throughout clinical study conduction procedures and provides full inspection covering all stages of the study.

The quality assurance expertise provides a thorough revision of final reports with high scrutiny to nullify errors thus saving precious time in registration and avoid unnecessary loop cycles.

The QA also  provides internal and external training services (seminar, workshops, ...etc) by qualified and accredited staff.

By undertaking structured work throughout our business to constantly improve our processes, Triumpharma will ensure that the required services will always be of the right quality and delivered at the right time.

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